Friday, May 29, 2020
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Not Choosing The Right Sports Bra For Your Workout Can Cost A Lot To Your Health. Here’s HOW!

Bras in my opinion are much underrated and should be declared the new best friend of Females instead of Diamonds. These are always there to support and hold us, be it your first date or your worst day ever. They are always there. They are literally a life saver for a lot of women out there. And thankfully the fashion world has blessed us with multiple types of bras which serve to perfectly fulfill all our necessities. However, we sometime avoid using these bras for their purpose, which can end up generating some health issues. However thanks to the brands Kalyani Bra Online, you can get any type or size of bra without any trouble.

Not Choosing The Right Sports Bra For Your Workout Can Cost A Lot To Your Health. Here’s HOW!

If you have ever gone for a run without wearing a sports bra, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Finding the right sports bra can be as difficult as finding the right guy.

Keeping your breast’s health in our mind, we have listed some of the health risk to scare you into choosing and wearing the right bra during your workouts.

Why Sports Bra’s Are Important?

Our Breasts don’t have any bone or muscles, giving them no natural supports, which can cause them to stretch during heavy workout sessions or runs if they are not supported properly. This can damage the skin cells or cause discomfort in our breasts.

According to a recent study it was revealed that over 30% of females around the world were complaining about breast pain, which reportedly was caused due to their sports bras. Most of these females were wearing a wrong size bra to their workout session, which were either too tight to handle or too loose to offer any support during the runs.

Damages Of Wearing Wrong Sports Bras

According to experts, wearing a wrong sports bra can cause some severe damage in the long run. A poorly fitted bra can often lead to early breast sagging, as the breast is not getting the proper support it should.

It can also damage your breast tissues completely, if you are wearing a loose cupped bra, your breasts will bounce at a worse friction in the cups, which can stretch your breast tissues. And even if you wear a tight bra, which despite the popular belief is not the right choice, it will compress you breasts, which can bruise or cause severe pain.

Bras are meant for supporting and taking care of our breasts and we are just using it in all the wrong ways to cause us severe aching and pain.

According to several studies, it was reported that most females, don’t wear the right size bra and convince themselves into remembering a wrong bra size. If you are not indulging in a physical activity, you won’t be causing any damage in your body, apart from the fading pain. It was also reported that some females avoid wearing sports bras during their workout, which further worsens the whole scenario.

The solution is simple, just follow the rule that your breast should not move in your cups during your workout. However this also doesn’t mean that you should go for the tightest bra available.

Five Tips For Selecting The Best Sports Bra

  • Ensure to check that the anchors of bra comfortably fit on your torso. Always choose a bra whose under bands fit securely.
  • Choose Straps that feel secure without digging in your shoulders.
  • Soft Fabric built that lies flat on your torso.
  • Ensure that the cups cover your breasts without causing gaps or bulging.
  • Choose an underwire that follows your breast, without lying on its tissues.

Things To Avoid

  • Never wear two bras, the theory is fluke. Wearing two bras won’t magically convert into a sports bra, or provide you the same support as a support bra.
  • Also, don’t buy too tight or too loose bra as they will either become uncomfortable or just damage your breast tissues.
  • Avid wearing cheap sports bras, as the chances are the fabric or wire involved in its manufacturing might not be able to serve the desire purpose.
  • Don’t ever wear a regular bra, to your gym or for a run, it will stress the fatty tissue in your breast ligament, which might end up in a causing stress or pain in your back or breasts.


Wearing a right sports bra, can play a significant role in helping you through your workout, while also ensuring to keep them happy and healthy. Breasts don’t come with a natural support system of their own. But luckily we are blessed with an invention which can help us in delivering a proper support, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of this blessing.

So the next time you go Bra shopping, ensure to invest in the best quality bra, which fits you and feels right on your breast. Use the tips mentioned above and make your regular workout healthier. What’s the point of living a healthy routine if you enter your place in pain every day after your workouts? We suggest you start from the basic and first discover the right size of your bra. And then you can maybe also visit a local lingerie shop near, and take some help from their employees to get the right size. So stay healthy and keep your breasts happy too.