Friday, January 15, 2021

Jump On Board The Jumpsuit Express

Dresses and long gowns are soon becoming passe. The new hot trend is the jumpsuit. The sexy silhouette and glam quotient makes this fashion trend a winner! You don’t need to spend big bucks to replicate this look for a night out. The next time you go for a wedding, surprise everyone and don a sexy jumpsuit. Get ready to turn a few heads.

Jump On Board The Jumpsuit Express

Here are some ways you can wear the jumpsuit to make a strong fashion statement:

Easy Breezy

When you are always on the move, you tend to choose comfortable clothing over stylish options. A jumpsuit is an excellent choice over other fashion options for its comfortable appeal. Denim styled jumpsuit gives off an easy vibe and is a great option when you have a packed day ahead. Bey once has been spotted wearing a denim jumpsuit for a basketball game recently with hubby Jay-Z in tow.

Printed Fun

A printed jumpsuit can be stylish and fun at the same time. It should be your go-to piece when you’re meeting your friends for lunch. The first lady of the United State, Michelle Obama, has been spotted wearing some pretty fun jumpsuits. One can never make a fashion faux pas with a printed jumpsuit. Choose a pattern that suits your personality and work it! The comfortable fabric will make you feel that you’re wearing practically nothing.


A menswear-inspired jumpsuit can be powerful when teamed with feminine sensibilities. Once can team this type of jumpsuit with a blazer and sandals. Power dressing will now ensure that you are the showstopper wherever you go. You can go subtle and choose the jumpsuit in a dark navy color or go bold and wear a fuchsia jumpsuit. If you plan on wearing the jumpsuit to a wedding, avoid being the center of attention (the bride would be upset!). Choose a jumpsuit in a subtle – a chic black or maybe even a powder blue jumpsuit. Also, try to avoid choosing a piece with a dangerously low neckline.

Desirable for Dinner

If you have never been a fan of leather, it could work for you with a jumpsuit. A dinner date needs to special. Dressing the part by amplifying your style quotient could ensure that your date goes off well. To make the most of one night only, choose a buy jumpsuit for women

with a plunging neckline. A strapless silhouette could also be a good choice. Special details will help take the jumpsuit to the next level – leather strips or maybe some brocade work. Make sure it fits well, especially if you have a toned figure you’ve been dying to show off.

Formal Fun

Whoever said a jumpsuit could not be worn for a formal event? There are jumpsuits that can make you feel like a million bucks while adhering to a formal dress code. For your jumpsuit to be fashionable and formal enough, choose one on a satin or lace fabric. Beading embellishments can also help take the one-piece to the next level. Avoid sexy cut-outs as it could distract investors at a business meeting!

These ideas will help your rock a jumpsuit for any occasion. Have fun with what you wear and you will wear it with confidence.

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