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Health & Fitness

Effect of Motivation on Work

Motivation to work is a human state of mind where competence to work and will to workfuse together. In the absence of will,competence alone does not result in performance, similarly in the absence of competence will alone does not produce...

ethereum mining

Ethereum Mining Profitability: What is in Store for You

Ethereum is the most preferred cryptocurrency for the miners after Bitcoin so far as profits are concerned. The cryptocurrency is in its third year having been initiated in 2015. However, it too is as vulnerable to volatility as the other...


Meet Varun Thapar From KCT Group

Varun Thapar is an entrepreneur and the Executive Vice Chairman of the KCT Group of Companies. The great grandson of Karam Chand Thapar, founder of the Thapar Group of Companies, Varun is the fourth generation of his family to be...


4 Tips For Going Through a Divorce With Kids

Going through a divorce with kids isn’t anything a parent wants to have to go through.  The disappointment of having to admit to your children that your relationship and family will no longer be the same can be a lot...