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Day Archives: August 29, 2014


Texas Voter ID Law Goes To Trial

Many legal counselors will accumulate in a government court in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Tuesday for the begin of another test to the state's dubious voter ID law. The trial is required to last two to three weeks, however its...


‘Mangrove Man’ Motivated By World Travel

He's voyage a large portion of a million miles through the years – enough to go far and wide 12 times, or to the moon and part of the way back – so its little ponder that author, photographic artist,...


Is Movement Polaroid Innovation Being Abused?

Speed and red light Polaroids offer the guarantee of decreasing mishaps and passings, however government abuse is keeping the gadgets from arriving at their maximum capacity. This late spring, authorities in New York's Nassau County needed to release $2.4 million...