Keeping Your Property Safe When You Are On Holiday

Whenever you leave home, whether it’s for a weekend city break or that dream two weeks in the sun, it makes sense to secure your home before you go away.

Keeping Your Property Safe When You Are On Holiday

The Garda have a useful five-point checklist for home security that is a useful quick reminder. However, there are some additional measures you can take to keep your property safe and return to a welcoming home.

Don’t Leave your House Looking Empty

In addition to using lights on a timer or smart switches, you should mow the lawn before you leave and make sure all washing is removed from the line or any drying racks that might be visible. Leave your curtains and blinds open, and ask a trusted neighbour to water any plants that are visible and close your curtains at night. If you have milk or a paper delivered, cancel deliveries for the time you’re away.

Pay Attention to Doors and Windows

Most burglars break in through the door, so make sure yours is securely locked and fitted with a bar for extra strength. Glazed panels on doors are particularly vulnerable, so have them replaced with laminated glass if possible. You can retrofit key locks to windows to add an extra layer of security.

Keeping Your Property Safe When You Are On Holiday

However, if your windows and doors in Dublin need replacing, take the opportunity to make sure the replacements are robust and have next-level security. A trusted supplier like will be able to help. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of greater energy efficiency and have the peace of mind knowing your windows and doors will withstand burglars.

Keep it Secret

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity that are committed because it’s obvious the homeowner is away. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re not at home by bragging about your holiday on social media. There will be plenty of time to share pictures and stories when you get home, so take the opportunity to step away from Facebook and Twitter for a couple of weeks.

Advertise your Security

Installing a fully automated household security system you can control from your mobile is a great way to alert burglars that they’re not wanted. Keeping security cameras and signs highly visible is the smart way to show unwanted intruders they’re not welcome. Be sure to notify your home security providers that you’re on holiday.

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