Mumbai night life

Bid Farewell To 2016 In Style!

Mumbai is the hub of party and exciting night lives. People love to stay up all night and grove to the tune of music here. It is thus the most vibrant and energetic city in India. That is why; one can find endless number of night clubs, pubs, and...

Safety Matters, Even After A New Year Bash!

Safety Matters, Even After A New Year Bash!

The jazz and fun of New Year bashes attract millions of people in India like light attracts moths. They’re fun and happening events that people pay a lot of money for to be a part of every year! However, many people forget an important concept...

Why You Need A DJ To Make Your Wedding Incredible?

A wedding is an amazing event in a person’s life. That’s the reason why people try to make everything perfect for their wedding. A wedding reception must have a DJ. It doesn’t matter how big or small the budget of the wedding is, a DJ just...

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